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The Faculty Executive Board (FEB) shall continuously review and participate in establishing the overall philosophy of education in business and in formulating plans for the development of and approval of programs, new courses, curricula, college or departmental organization, and tenure and promotion policies. It shall present its recommendations on all substantive matters to the Faculty Forum for approval. Once approved, these recommendations shall be forwarded to the Office of the Dean for implementation. The FEB shall have any other such duties and powers as may be delegated to it by the faculty or as assigned by the Dean.

The FEB shall appoint such standing and ad hoc committees as it believes are necessary to perform its responsibilities and to serve the interests of the faculty. The responsibilities and composition of these committees shall be determined by the FEB, subject to faculty approval. At least one representative of each department shall serve on each committee unless this right is waived by the faculty in a department. The FEB shall appoint faculty to these committees on an annual basis and shall also designate the chair of each committee. All such committees report to the FEB. Chairs of all committees are encouraged to solicit the opinions of appropriate stakeholders, including students, alumni, and employers.


Each academic department is to be represented on a Faculty Executive Board (hereafter referred to as FEB) by one member for each fifteen (15) voting members or fraction thereof at the time of election, with a minimum of two representatives per department.

The elected members must receive a majority of the votes cast in the department. The faculty of a department may elect its representatives at large or by faculty sub-groups. The FEB shall elect a Chair and a Vice-Chair from its membership prior to the completion of the Spring semester.

The Dean or her/his appointed representative will be a nonvoting ex officio member of the FEB. The FEB Chair shall preside at meetings of the Faculty Forum unless other arrangements are agreed to by the FEB. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall preside.

All members of the FEB must be voting members of the faculty and must be full-time tenured, tenure-track or full-time clinical members of their departments. Each voting member of the Faculty Forum will be entitled to vote for the FEB representative for the department in which he or she is assigned for administrative purposes. However, no member shall vote in more than one department. The election of each FEB member and alternate shall be held each year no later than April 15. Members shall be elected for two-year terms but may be re-elected. Terms shall be staggered such that each department has at least one FEB representative continuing on the FEB for the next academic year. Faculty members holding administrative appointments of 50 percent or greater are not eligible to serve as voting members on the FEB.

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