Culverhouse and UA Style and Branding Resources

When it comes to a Culverhouse style guide, we default to the style guide provided by The University of Alabama’s Division of Strategic Communications, or StratComm.

StratComm has assembled a huge set of resources ready to maximize the impact of our message across all platforms, whether it is distributed by web, print, social media, radio, etc.

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UA Style and Branding Resources

Culverhouse-specific Style and Branding Info

We have an in-house design and communications team that can help with most if not all College-specific needs.

Submit a request or reach out to Zach Thomas, Director of Marketing and Communications, at

Abbreviating the Culverhouse College of Business

When abbreviating the Culverhouse College of Business, use CCB. vs.

When writing out one’s College email, please use the variant vs. the variant. While both work exactly the same, CBA refers to when Culverhouse was known as the College of Commerce and Business Administration. Some legacy systems in the University and the College still refer to Culverhouse as C&BA or CBA and that is not likely to change any time soon. However, the Culverhouse College of Business is a powerful, established brand and by using the email style, we help reinforce that brand.

Oxford commas?

We use Oxford commas in College-level communications. Since the AP Stylebook is mostly neutral on the matter, we find that the use of Oxford/serial commas lends precision to language.


Updated July 14, 2021.